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NRD Cyber Security (NRD CS) establishes cybersecurity capacity and enhances cyber resilience to nations and organizations. The company specializes in the establishment and modernization of cybersecurity teams (CSIRTs) and security operations centers (SOCs) as well as cyber threat intelligence and managed security services. Also, company’s experts actively participate in international cybersecurity community, develop and improve methodologies for strengthening cyber resilience.
The geography of NRD Cyber Security projects includes but is not limited to Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. The company provides cybersecurity consultancy services and solutions to nations, sectors, corporate structures and SMEs and is part of INVL Technology, Nasdaq Vilnius listed closed-end investment in IT businesses company. INVL Technology family of companies is home to more than 300 specialists working globally in cybersecurity, system development and set-up, IT licensing, management and administration.

Government organisations, intelligence and law enforcement, critical information infrastructure and corporations with high data sensitivity.


NRD Cyber Security and NRD AS is consulting and implementing a project in Ecuador. This project aimed at evaluating Ecuador's cybersecurity preparedness and planning through a national strategy and assisting the Government of Ecuador in strengthening its National Cybersecurity Resilience Capacity. The project is funded by the Inter-American Development Bank.

In Cyprus and Bangladesh, NRD Cyber Security experts continue strengthening CSIRTs by providing training and enhancing technological capabilities. Also, in Egypt the team has been working on establishing a computer incident response team for financial sector. 

NRD Cyber Security specialists have joint forces with team of experts from BAIP in order to implement data loss prevention solutions and prepare baselines for security assurance for operating systems, databases and network appliances for Rwanda‘s revenue authority.

Within “Norway for You – Serbia” project funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade, NRD Cyber Security is providing cybersecurity consultancy services to the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications (MTTT), such as the assessment of cybersecurity ecosystem, development of recommendations for drafting of the Strategy for Development of Information Security and revision of criteria for identification of Critical Information Infrastructure (CII). 

NRD Cyber Security implemented the IT security assessment for Viciunai Group. While implementing the project, NRD Cyber Security experts not only performed IT security assessment, identified the most important information security risks and prepared a risk management plan with concrete steps and recommendations.

NRD Cyber Security experts have assisted the City of Vilnius to prepare the responsible vulnerability disclosure programme. Currently Lithuania does not have a national approach towards legal aspects of responsible vulnerability disclosure, however, this should not constrain organizations to initiate, prepare and start using disclosure programmes and the City of Vilnius is a great example.

Intellectual capital

NRD Cyber Security consultants cooperate with international institutions and scholar communities in Lithuania and abroad.

NRD Cyber Security has been named as one of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) CoEs in Europe for the 2019-22 cycle. We will be providing training courses on areas such as national cybersecurity governance, cybersecurity incident management and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). 

NRD Cyber Security experts actively support and contribute to global cyber security research and other initiatives, and disseminate this information and insights to their projects.

NRD CIRT is the first private Lithuanian cyber incident response team, a member of FIRST and Trusted Introducer family. 

NRD Cyber Security specialists have created CollectiveSight - a centralized cybersecurity monitoring and threat hunting platform. The platform is intended to be deployed in sectorial or national critical infrastructures, set-up for central management and incident handling as well as threat hunting from sectorial or national CSIRT. 

NRD Cyber Security specialists have created Open-source intelligence (OSINT) software module IntEye, which empowers users to gather and monitor information in open sources and report on any relevant topic. Another NRD Cyber Security R&D project, CySystem is intended to monitor cyber space as well as promptly identify and alert about abnormalities in networks. 

Client testimonials

Jonas Pidkovas, Head of Innovation and Technology Group at the Vilnius City Administration about the the responsible vulnerability disclosure programme: "We really enjoyed working with NRD Cyber Security - not only did they due what was written in the contract, but they also provided us with best international practices and we collaboratively worked and discussed to arrive at programme blueprint which was most suitable for us." 


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