cyber security

NRD Cyber Security is a cybersecurity technology consulting, incident response and applied research company. The company focuses on services for specialized public service providers (law enforcement, national CERTs, telecoms, national communication regulators, national critical infrastructure), the finance industry and corporations with high data sensitivity. The company implements projects in Lithuania, Eastern Europe, Caucasus region, East Africa and South Asia.

NRD Cyber Security roots go back to 2008 when Baltic Amadeus Infrastructure Services (now - BAIP) started developing cyber security expertise. As a separate company NRD Cyber Security was established in 2013.

NRD Cyber Security is a facilitator of Norway Registers Development AS's mission to create a secure digital environment for states, governments, corporations and citizens. In addition to specialized services, NRD Cyber Security through its own CIRT provides cyber security consulting, performs security audits as well as compliance and risk assessments, validates and promotes Critical Controls implementations, designs and implements technologies for cybersecurity defence and information system security, and provides training for corporate information security departments.

NRD Cyber Security services are also available via local partners in these countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Norway, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, and Bangladesh.


Government organisations, intelligence and law enforcement, critical information infrastructure and corporations with high data sensitivity.


NRD Cyber Security and NRD AS is consulting and providing technical assistance to Bangladesh Computer Council to establish National Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT). They assist the client in drafting mandates, regulations, applications and launching CIRT information systems.

NRD Cyber Security in JV with NRD AS and BAIP created national Bhutan cyber security incident response team BtCIRT. A fully operational BtCIRT was established within the Department of IT & Telecom in order to coordinate information flow, respond to and manage cyber threats, and enhance cyber security in the country.

NRD Cyber Security (while still operating under BAIP) implemented centralized digital forensic laboratories at Lithuania’s and Estonian’s Centralized Forensic Science Centres and equipped them with hardware, specialized software and established processes.

NRD Cyber Security installed and configured an advanced analytical platform for the use by analytical and investigation staff at tactical and strategic levels at the Customs Department of the Republic of Lithuania. Data from over twenty information systems was integrated into the platform.

Itellectual capital

NRD Cyber Security consultants cooperate with international institutions and scholar communities in Lithuania and abroad.

NRD Cyber Security actively support and contribute to global cyber security research and other initiatives, and disseminate this information and insights to their projects.

NRD CIRT is a first private Lithuanian cyber incident response team, a member of FIRST and Trusted Introducer family.

NRD Cyber Security specialists have created DeepEye Federated Defence System, which consists of Security Operations Module DeepEye SOC Console, and many DeepEye Xray Sensors. The technology overlay is provided to build collective defence.

NRD Cyber Security specialists have created Open-source intelligence (OSINT) software module IntelEye, which empowers users to gather and monitor information in open sources and report on any relevant topic.

Client testimonials

„Department of IT & Telecom (DITT) is pleased to inform that NRD CS has completed all the services successfully. The consultants were very competent and proactive in delivering their services. The department is also grateful for their extended assistance to BTCIRT through remote supervision for a period of 6 months”, - Jigme Thinlye Namgyal, Director of the Department of IT & Telecom under the Ministry of Information & Communications, the Royal Government of Bhutan.


Dr. Vilius Benetis