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Zissor is a Norwegian company which in the space of 20 years has become a world-leading provider of media monitoring solutions and media digitization software and services. The company became part of the Novian group in 2019.

Zissor’s software enables the complete preparation of press clippings with automated searching and segmentation of the contents of printed and/or scanned documents as well as flexible distribution. Its services are used by libraries, archive institutions and publishers. More than a million newspaper and magazine pages are digitized every week with Zissor’s solutions.

In 2020 Zissor expanded its portfolio with the software and IT infrastructure services and solutions of other Novian group companies.


Zissor works with a variety of media monitoring companies, magazine and newspaper publishers, archives, and libraries.

The capabilities of media monitoring software include a variety of formats, both as to the information processed – from PDFs and websites to radio and TV – and in terms of outputting information as a PFD or in XML with metadata.

A full array of services is also offered for digitizing newspaper and magazine archives. In providing this capability, Zissor works together with partners that scan microfilms and paper documents.


Zissor today creates value for businesses by providing media monitoring and digitization solutions and by converting existing content to the needed formats. Main competences and capabilities:

  • Zissor archive digitization software. It is used by libraries, archives, and publishers to store and make publications available to the public, as well as companies providing this service.
  • Zissor pdf-to-article conversion. Automatically retrieves articles or other content from one or more PDF newspaper and magazine pages.
  • Newspaper and magazine archive digitization services. Digitizes magazines and newspapers, libraries, and other archives.
  • Zissor media monitoring software. A complete solution for effective media tracking from automatic search to text presentation with automatic segmentation, as well as article clipping preparation and forwarding.


Digitization of the archives of the Italian newspaper La Stampa. Zissor’s digitization service was used for optical character recognition and made it possible to automatically handle pictures, metadata and an XML made for this specific project. During the project, over 22 million articles were digitized.


Cision in the UK has been using Zissor software for media monitoring since the year 2000. The software provides optical and article recognition, metadata extraction, relevant keyword searches and other options, and is active 24/7.

Ove Dirdal

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