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The Novian group companies operating in the technologies area focus greatly on high-performance computing device clusters, open source cloud technologies, document digitization, data archiving, and the provision of continuous maintenance and support services which require high qualifications.

The Novian technology business company Novian Technologies was known until the end of 2020 as BAIP. Active in Lithuania and a variety of countries around the world, the company focuses on new technological opportunities for business and the public sector. It strongly emphasizes smooth IT operations and the coordination of IT infrastructure with new technological opportunities.

Supercomputers stand out as an extremely promising area – one with significant growth of projects in recent times. Novian’s technology companies are active in the areas of critical IT infrastructure services and modern digital workplaces. They also offer project management general contracting and other services.

The companies operating in this business area are Novian Technologies in Lithuania and its subsidiary Novian Eesti OÜ of Estonia with the Moldovan company Andmevara SRL. These technology companies are ready to join forces with Novian’s software service companies and create the right complex solutions both for companies and for the public sector.


Novian Technologies' experience includes various projects not only in Lithuania, but also in many countries around the world. The main industries in which companies provide services are the financial and insurance sectors, wholesale and retail trade, logistics and warehousing, ITT, energy, manufacturing, the public sector, as well as research institutions.


Novian Technologies has designed a unique architecture of high-performance computing devices at Vilnius University. It will enable efficient research in the fields of artificial intelligence development, neural network training, and other activities that require very high scale calculations.

As banks are moving some services to the e-space, the solution of internet banking terminals or I-Kiosks, designed according to the customers' needs, serves well. In 2020, the number of Swedbank terminals installed and maintained by Novian Technologies in the Baltic States has exceeded 800.

Novian Technologies together with Etronika has digitized the provision of Kyrgyz postal financial services. This has led to their faster access, and increased their reliability. The project is one of several major projects in the Kyrgyzstan financial sector development program financed by the World Bank.

With the development of a comprehensive e-services delivery system in Bangladesh, the need has arisen for an efficient organization to connect e-services data centers to the state-owned cloud. Novian Technologies has redesigned this cloud infrastructure so that public institutions can use it efficiently

Intellectual capital

CopyPrint is a modern printing, copying and scanning solution with 24/7 support in the Baltic countries.

CIMF (Critical Infrastructure Maintenance Framework), developed and patented by Novian Technologies, is a practically tested methodology for the provision of critical IT infrastructure maintenance, development and recovery services. It is based on best practices (ITIL v3) and complies with ISO quality requirements. CIMF is a registered trademark.

Novian Technologies is certified for ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011, LST EN ISO 140001:2005 and LST EN ISO 9001:2008. The company also works according to LEAN methodologies and uses COBIT 5.

Client testimonials

“When choosing the suppliers of this solution, we set high security and technological requirements, as the service is related to the unified and high-quality customer service of the bank in all Baltic countries. Novian Technologies offered a technologically complex but flexible and integrated solution - from idea to technical implementation and maintenance. The benefits of this solution can already be assessed by our bank's customers in the bank's branches”, - Mantas Mankauskas, Head of the Channel Coordination Service of Swedbank, says about I-Kiosk service at Swedbank in the Baltic States. More information about it read here.


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Managing Director

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