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Andmevara is a highly reliable information technology company engaged in software development, digitization and a variety of IT solutions for local governments. The company also provides maintenance and customer support.

Andmevara is actively contributing to the implementation of Estonia’s E-Government project and mostly serves Estonian public sector organizations. It provides a number of ready-made software products to municipal and governmental institutions. From 2002 to 2015, the company was the processor of the Estonian Population Register, which in 2016 was transferred to the Ministry of the Interior’s IT and Development Centre (SMIT) as a part of an effort to consolidate some of the state’s IT functions. Andmevara has a subsidiary in Moldova.

Main products:
  • VOLIS – a meeting information system for municipalities;
  • KOVTP – a service portal for municipalities;
  • KOVMEN – a procedural system for municipalities;
  • RPIS – an area-planning information system;
  • MaaIS – a land-tax information system;
  • DELTA – an electronic document management system.

Andmevara has been delivering e-government solutions for over 15 years now. Along the way, the company has digitized over 25 million documents and developed ongoing relationships with more than 300 clients. They include: Estonian Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Education and Research, the Estonian Research Information System, the Estonian Voting System, the Estonian Vehicle Register, the Database on Estonian Acts of Law, the National Electoral Committee, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Social Affairs, Statistics Estonia, the Tallinn City Office, the National Audit Office, the Border Guard Administration, the Police and Rescue Board, the Government of Moldova, the Supreme Court of Moldova, the Headquarters of the Estonian Defence Forces, the Defence Resources Agency, and others.


Estonian Population Register: authorized processor for 13 years in partnership with the Ministry of Interior.

Estonian Voting System: development partner for last three elections in partnership with the Estonian Election Committee.

Database of Estonian Legal Acts: development partner for many years in partnership with the Ministry of Justice.

Estonian Educational Information System: maintenance in our premises for 10 years.

Solutions for county governments and local municipalities: processing and development partner for the Ministry of Finance.

Intellectual capital

Since 2011, all Andmevara services have a valid ISO 9001:2008 certificate with Lloyd's accreditation.

The company also uses ITIL methodology and while in the implementation of security measures it relies on ISKE.

Client testimonials

"Andmevara professionally provided us maintenance and developing services for the population register and as the customer, we could be sure that Andmevara employees knew what they were doing and were always ready to explain why they do something, and if necessary then also negotiate for improving the result", - Head of Ministry of the Interior Population Facts Department Enel Pungas.


"Andmevara have been our partner in procurement, the aim of which was to provide digitisation services for construction geology archive of the Land Department. The procurement schedule was tight and volume of necessary works was major. However, regardless of this, the work was organized professionally and the quality of performed works, as the one would expect, was at a high level. We could recommend Andmevara as a partner for other organizations“, - Head of the Geology Department of the Land Department Reet Roosalu.


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