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The companies operating in the area of software services develop information systems as well as business analytics and process automation solutions for business and the public sector.

Novian Systems, the Novian group software services company, was known until the end of 2020 as Algoritmų Sistemos. Today Lithuanian Novian Systems and its Estonian subsidiary Andmevara AS are recognized as reliable developers of customized information systems and IT solutions, especially in the public sector. Starting from 2021, having merged Acena, a provider of business analytics and process automation solutions, into itself, Novian Systems offers a broader range of software services.

The companies' professionals are highly experienced in developing tax administration systems and have also worked actively in e-health, environmental protection, smart cities, e-government and other areas. Our know-how from work with public sector organizations is also helpful in identifying solutions for businesses, especially in related areas.


The Novian group’s software companies focus on developing complex customized information systems for state institutions and large and medium-sized companies as well as on business process digitalization and business analytics solutions. Together with Novian Technologies and Zissor, they carry out complex projects as well.

Great attention is also given to optimizing business and other processes using big data and data lakes, artificial intelligence, and process robotization.

The main industries in which companies provide services are e. government, e. taxes, e. health and the smart city, the environment, as well as regulatory and scientific institutions, business.


The IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and Novian Systems have developed the WAMPS information system to help model, and implement waste management scenarios. It allowed the organizations of the eight Baltic Sea States to choose the most cost-effective scenario.

After Novian Systems has developed a complex personal income tax (PIT) information system, the State Tax Inspectorate in Lithuania (STI) can ensure more convenient collection and processing of data related to PIT. These and other updates by other companies made it easier to submit annual PIT declarations online.

The European Aid Fund for the Most Deprived aims to reduce the number of people at risk of poverty and/or social exclusion. To more efficiently administer the fund's activities in Lithuania, Novian Systems has created a unified administration and process automation information system.

To improve performance and make more efficient use of the funding, the Lithuanian State Labor Inspectorate has implemented a performance management and monitoring system. It has also  reduced the administrative burden on businesses. These changes have been implemented by Novian Systems.

Intellectual capital

Novian Systems

Novian Systems has been certified for the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard since 2003. Meeting this standard ensures that an organization’s processes are managed, monitored, and documented in keeping with global best practices.

The ISO 27001 Information Security Standard defines the rules that must be followed to ensure the security of information in keeping with international standards. The company achieved this standard in 2008.

Compliance with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard since 2012 guarantees that the company operates with due awareness of current environmental challenges and efforts to address them by reducing the depletion of natural resources, developing products and services that respect nature.

Andmevara AS

Since 2011, Andmevara’s support services have been certified for the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Standard.



Client testimonials

„By working with the company Algoritmų Sistemos (now – Novian Systems), which was responsible for the underlying programming, WAMPS has become a very useful and efficient tool in the waste management planning process. It was easy to work with this company, they showed great knowledge, pa-tience, and customer-oriented attention“, - Carl Jensen, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institut.


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Managing Director

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