Algoritmų sistemos

it services and software

High-quality, efficient and reliable information systems for large and medium-sized organisations, and business process automation software. The company’s main areas of activity are e-governance, e-health, finance, social security, environmental protection, and solutions for the education sector.


The Lithuanian State Tax Inspectorate, the State Labour Inspectorate, the National Health Insurance Fund, the State Enterprise Centre of Registers, the Department of Youth Affairs, the Bank of Lithuania, Vilnius University, Western Shipyard Group, and others.


Development of GYPAS personal income tax information system which includes areas such as personal income tax, assets declaration, payment and return, 2% charity, administration and control of documentation issue to citizens, services to tax payers and information analysis.

The ITISEU value-added tax nformation system was created to enable VAT information exchange between Lithuania and EU member states. VAT return system was automated, implementing VAT administration functions as required by laws and regulations of Lithuania and EU.

Development and maintenance services for the Mandatory Health Insurance Information System (SVEIDRA). During the project, new centralised sub-systems and new functionalities were created and implemented, and system data from 10 regional data bases was centralised.

Regional tax administration systems: in 1998, Algoritmų sistemos created and until now constantly updates and develops software for taxes on land rental and waste, as well as for permits and licencing.

LIEPA information system for Lithuanian speech-managed e-services. Algoritmu Sistemos created technology infrastructure (equipped special laboratories, created modern Lithuanian language synthesizer, speech recognition engines, among other things).

Intellectual capital

Algoritmų sistemos is certified according to quality management system standard ISO 9001 since 2003. Compliance to this standard ensures that all processes in organisation are managed, monitored and documented in accordance to world-wide best practice.

Compliance to ISO 27001 Information security standard defines the rules that have to be obeyed to ensure information security while observing international standards. The company is certified according to ISO 27001 since 2008.

Compliance to Environmental management system ISO 14001 since 2012 guarantees that all activities in the company are performed with regard to current environmental challenges. The company seeks to reduce its footprint by moderating the consumption of natural resources, and developing eco-friendly products and services.

Client testimonials

"<...> By installing the program JSI Algoritmų sistemos specialists voluntarily removed those records and accounting forms that were in non-compliance with daily activities and use, our improving offers were taken into account as well as trainings were proffessionally organized. <...> we found out that absorption of program management tools and principles had made it easier to manage and summarize the data and reports", - Gintautas Jurgėlas, SC „Vakarų laivų gamykla“ Chief ecologist.


"The project implemented by JSC „Algoritmų sistemos“ enabled to introduce an advanced risk assessment information system, complying with international standards. This system, based on self-assessment, is designed to improve SLI internal processes, and the measurement of indicators will facilitate objective information-based solutions for improving the activities, notice arising problems and adopt timely and effective solutions", - Vilius Mačiulaitis, Chief State Labour Inspector of the Republic of Lithuania.


Elena Vengrienė
Managing Director