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Amid growing IT needs at companies and organizations, the Novian group has joined the forces of its Baltic and Scandinavian companies to act as an integrator, providing software, IT infrastructure, digitization, and integrated solutions and related services. For clients, that means no matter which group company they turn to in whichever country, they will be provided with a package of services tailored to their needs.

Working out of all the Baltic countries and Norway, Moldova, the group’s companies serve clients and carry out projects all over the world. In 2016-2020 they had projects in more than 50 countries – from Europe to Africa, Asia and the America.
The activities of the group’s companies range from ensuring the smooth daily functioning of IT to developing software for a city or country and creating information systems and digitalization solutions for specific fields.
Novian companies undertake varied projects in the areas of business, e-governance, e-health, and tax administration, as well as solutions in the area of artificial intelligence. They also exploit the possibilities that new technologies offer for solutions related to forecasting climate and weather changes and for deploying supercomputers and data-centre solutions. 
The priorities of the Novian group, in line with the market’s needs, are to further focus on developing expertise in areas such as high-performance computing devices, digital transformation, big data, and artificial intelligence. The group aims to expand the geography of its companies’ activities, giving priority to the markets in the Baltic and Nordic countries. 

Working in the technologies area are the Lithuanian company Novian Technologies (which operated under the name of BAIP until the end of 2020) and its subsidiaries Novian Eesti OU in Estonia and Andmevara SRL in Moldova.

Novian Technologies’ expertise covers IT infrastructure creation, maintenance, and alignment with new needs. Its portfolio of services includes solutions related to high-performance computing devices and clusters as well as open source cloud technologies, highly available data and archiving, and more.
The main group’s company in the software services area is Lithuania-based Novian Systems (which operated as Algoritmų Sistemos until the end of 2020). The creation of national and “smart city” e-systems and of business analytics and process automation solutions are the areas where the company has the greatest experience. Also working in this area is Andmevara AS in Estonia. By merging the business analytics and process automation solutions provider Acena into itself as of 2021, Novian Systems expanded its range of software services. At the end of 2021, Novian Systems was joined by information systems and software development company Elsis PRO, it allowed to expand the Novian Systems  software development competencies and capabilities in the fields of aviation, transport and energy. 
Novian Systems offers a wide range of software services, striving to effectively apply the know-how it has amassed and its expertise in big data, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation to address the needs of businesses and institutions.
The Norwegian company Zissor is known as a provider of software for media monitoring and for digitization services. In 2020 Zissor expanded its portfolio of offerings with the software and IT infrastructure services and solutions of the Novian group’s other companies. They offer organizations a full portfolio of IT services and allow public sector institutions to undertake projects addressing needs at the municipal and national levels.

The group structure


Working as they do in a variety of areas, Novian companies are ready to combine capabilities to address clients’ needs: from consulting on IT infrastructure maintenance or other issues to the creation of a new information system, the provision of a complex set of services for your IT arrangements, or general contracting services for large projects.
The group’s clients in the technologies area are from a variety of business sectors: finance and insurance, wholesale and retail trade, logistics and warehousing, IT and telecommunications, energy, manufacturing, and, scientific institutions.

In the software services area, the group’s companies are experienced in the public sector – in creation of e-governance, “smart city”, e-taxation and other information systems. The main clients in the digitization area are providers of media monitoring services, publishers of magazines and newspapers, national archives, and libraries.


In the year 2015 the most modern National open access research data archive (MIDAS) in the Baltic States has been launched at the Vilnius University. The main IT infrastructure was designed by Novian Technologies together with the partners

Novian Technologies has deployed a high-performance climate monitoring and modeling cluster at the WASCAL IT Competence Center in the capital of Burkina Faso. Its ability to process vast amounts of data help West African countries to adapt to the environmental changes.

The e-health system in the country distinguishes by the amount of data processed. One of its important parts from 2015 onwards is e-prescriptions. In 2019 alone, more than 10 million e-prescriptions were issued. The e-prescription system was developed and implemented by Novian Systems.

In 2011, 6 thousand information collectors took part in the census of the Lithuanian population and housing. The Department of Statistics of Lithuania decided to digitize the process. The 2021 general census will be carried out by 5 professionals. The project was implemented by Novian Systems

Digitization of the archives of the Italian newspaper La Stampa. Zissor’s digitization service was used for optical character recognition and made it possible to automatically handle pictures, metadata and an XML made for this specific project. During the project, over 22 million articles were digitized.

Cision in the UK has been using Zissor software for media monitoring since the year 2000. The software provides optical and article recognition, metadata extraction, relevant keyword searches and other options, and is active 24/7.

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