Norway Registers Development AS

business climate improvement and e-governance

Norway Registers Development AS (NRD AS) belongs to a member of companies group called NRD Companies and specializes in ICT management and consulting. NRD AS is an international consulting company, which supports institutions to build their organizations for higher efficiency of operation and public service in a large number of countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and Central America. 

NRD AS specialisation and services include:

  • Enabling business environment and improving competitiveness;
  • Consulting - legal, organizational reforms and their implementation;
  • Modernization of legal and organizational base - business, property, mortgage, secured transactions, licenses and citizen‘s registries (among others);
  • Transformation of business inspections and simplifications of business regulations;
  • IT enabled efficient, transparent and accountable government;
  • Modernization of public procurement, centralized procurement, judiciary systems;
  • Reforms of state-owned enterprises;
  • Open data consulting;
  • E-democracy frameworks;
  • Solutions and tested know-how for expansion of tax payers’ base and motivations to pay taxes, tax collection with eFilling.

NRD AS also facilitates business development of other INVL Technology portfolio companies in frontier markets.

NRD was established in Norway in 1995 and is a part of INVL Technology portfolio since 2011. Company has daughter companies in Lithuania, Tanzania, Rwanda, Bangladesh and an associated company in Uganda.


Mauritius Registrar-General’s Department, Burundi Central Bank, General Department for Identification (GDI) under the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Uganda Investment Authority, Uganda Registration Services Bureau, Uganda National Information Technology Agency, Liberia Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Rwanda Office of the Registrar General, Rwanda Development Board, Zanzibar Office of Chief Government Statistician, and other public sector clients in Guatemala, Vietnam, Southern Sudan, Kenya, Bhutan, Solomon Islands, Mozambique – in total, 50 countries in Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, South and Southeast Asia and Small Island States.


NRD AS was contracted with Uganda Investment Authority to develop the digital One Stop Centre integrating all investment relevant government entities for faster service delivery. The objective of the project was to create a modern, reliable and secure digital Business Registration System (BRS) for Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB). This project was part of a bigger project, both of which were sponsored by Uganda Investment Authority, to establish an online One Stop Centre, eBiz ( in order to facilitate investment in the country.

Norway Registers Development AS together with NRD Cyber Security consultants completed pre-Investment Study for an E-Government Infrastructure Project, assisting the Government of Lesotho.

Norway Registers Development AS together with NRD Systems provided assistance to Business Registration Reform project in Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The reform, funded by UNIDO, was targeted at business environment improvement (especially for SMEs).

NRD provided consulting services to Rwanda Development Board for the design and creation of a modern business/commercial registry for Rwanda. After the project, Rwanda went up to 8th place iaccording to WB Doing Business indicator Starting a Business and 45th place in terms of ease of doing business.

The project was aimed at the consultancy services on institutional reform and development of the Liberia Companies/Commercial Registry including preparations and drafting of legal, organisational and technical input for the establishment of the legal framework and institutional cooperation.

Intellectual capital

Framework of legal and organizational reforms and their implementation (business, property, mortgage, licenses and citizen’s registries). NRD AS specializes in helping governments and institutions in all continents to build vital economy facilitating infrastructure and achieving relevant, measurable results. Effectiveness of NRD Framework is reflected in the WB Doing Business reports.

Norway Registers Development AS belongs to a variety of associations and have strategic partnerships with organisations including: Norad, GIEK, NABA, Brønnøysund Register Centre, Norwegian embassies, Difi, NITA-U, FK Norway, Kaunas University of Technology, ISACA Tanzania Chapter, and Uganda Technology and Management University. Most of NRD projects are funded by international donor organisations such as World Bank, USAID, IFC, the UN organisations and other.

Annual Cyber Security Conferences in Lithuania and Tanzania hosted since 2013. The main purpose of the conferences is to help organizations to get up to speed in information security and create a community of IT security professionals ready to protect their networks and handle security incidents appropriately. Conferences in Lithuania and Tanzania attract more than 100 IT professionals, heads of IT departments, information security professionals, IT auditors, vendor representatives and company managers each time. NRD East Africa, Cyber Defence Tanzania, East Africa Cyber Security and Africa Cyber Security Initiative are registered trademarks.

NRD together with ISACA Tanzania Chapter volunteers presented the draft Tanzanian National Cyber security Framework, targeted to bring additional practical implementation guidance for cybersecurity for Tanzanian organizations. A key objective of the Framework is to encourage organizations to consider cybersecurity risk as a priority similar to financial, safety, and operational risk while factoring in larger systemic risks inherent to critical infrastructure. The Framework Core lists the recommended industry standards and best practices that should be implemented in an organization in order to ensure governance of cyber security and establish appropriate controls.

Insights on the relevance of World Bank Doing Business Reports and Recommendations for Improvement, prepared by NRD AS and Uganda Technology and Management University in April 2014 as their first joint research paper.

Co-authorship of Romania’s “Tipping Point” Advancing the Rule of Law, Governance and Public Leadership: the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA), July 2014.

Norway Registers Development’s (NRD) FINER framework - a generic, platform-independent, scalable and reusable framework for registration and filing of information via the Internet, developed in a collaboration with Brønnøysund Register Center and support from the Norwegian Industrial and Regional Development Fund.

Client testimonials

From the kick-off of the project till the last deliveries were developed NRD AS team has shown a significantly professional attitude and worked in a very cooperative manner with both the UNICEF Cambodia and General Department of Identification under the Ministry of Interior of the Royal Government of Cambodia. Given that the success of the project relies heavily on the consultations and support of a wide group of stakeholders, NRD AS team’s ability to engage with both the international and local staff and stakeholders management capabilities were highly appreciated. The overall duration of the assignment was 4 months, which is relatively short time for the scope of the project. However, experienced and professional NRD AS team managed to provide services on time and in a very high quality – in accordance with the best international practices, though tailored to the context of Cambodia.


NRD AS approached the project with great enthusiasm and drive and the project was executed well on time. The development team spent the last month embedded at URSB doing development work and conducting training. During this some key URSB staff were taken in to be trained das power users and gain a deep understanding an appreciation of the system design.


NRD has demonstrated high efforts in stakeholders’ management, proposed innovative capacity building techniques which outrun usually applied training activities and delivered additional consultancies above the indicated requirements in the initial RFP (e.g. cyber security components, technical assistance services), which could be mentioned as a value added deliverable to the MCST. NRD efforts to understand the local and regional context and to propose solutions for the benefit of the country, as well as continuous support to ensure sustainability of the results have been highly appreciated by the Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology.


Mindaugas Glodas
Managing director

[email protected]