Intellectual capital

In the information and communication technologies (ICT) business, knowledge often replaces physically measurable capital and becomes the driving force in the modern economy.

The accumulated potential of the businesses INVL Technology owns –their knowledge and experience and synergy-based business model– opens the way not just for undertaking ICT projects of exceptional scale and complexity, but also for working on a global scale.

Brands owned by INVL Technology companies:


  CyberSOC, Cyber Defence East Africa, Banktron, ERS Etronika.
Focused on global business expansion, the group’s companies have developed sales partnerships in South Asia (in Bangladesh, Bhutan and Cambodia) and Eastern and Southern Africa (Tanzania, Burundi, the Kingdom of Lesotho, Uganda and Rwanda) as well as in Mauritius and in Europe (Estonia, Norway, Denmark, Latvia, Moldova and elsewhere).
INVL Technology’s businesses belong to a variety of associations and have strategic partnerships with organisations including: FIRST, the Center for Internet Security, Vilnius University, Kaunas University of Technology, Infobalt, ISACA, Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU), NORAD, GIEK, Norwegian embassies, national and government CERTs, the FinTech community, and NITA-U, FK Norway. They also have technology partnerships with Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Cisco, Dell and others.

Clients of INVL Technology’s businesses:
  • National institutions: ministries of justice, economics, finance and internal affairs, centres of registers, courts, communications regulators, state providers of ICT services, national CERTs, tax inspectorates, and others.
  • Central and commercial banks;
  • Law enforcement structures: cybersecurity and digital forensic centres;
  • Digital and economic intelligence agencies, cybercrime police;
  • Large public and private sector institutions.
 Issued recommendations: