cyber security

Deltagon Group Oy is a cyber security company that develops information security solutions for electronic communications across a wide range of industries from the financial sector to public administration - and everything in between.

In addition to securing the confidentiality of e-communication and e-services, Deltagon's solutions enable the organizations to improve the effectiveness of their business operations and streamline their processes.

Main products:  



Deltagon Sec@GW solution gave the municipality workers the possibility to send secured e-mail to any e-mail address. The responses were securely received directly to the municipality’s e-mail; matters were processed faster and more efficiently.

Case service sector: fast and effortless electronic signature to a contract. With the help of Deltagon's solution for secure electronic signature, the company considerably speeded up the proceedings, while simultaneously boosting sales and lowering costs.

Case trading company: the company started using an e-form platform Deltagon secureForms. Applicants’ confidential information and attachments can now be received without compromising data protection and the applications are received in real-time.

Case municipality: with Deltagon Sec@GW e-mail encryption the municipality can send confidential e-mail and requests for clarification instead of letter post – even straight from the system. Customers can reply to the said e-mails and all this is done securely.

Intellectual capital
Deltagon Group Oy has 4 patents in Finland:
  • FI 115745: method and server for securing email;
  • FI 121773: method and server for authenticating sender of email message and detecting the delivery method of email message;
  • FI 122184: search device for finding secure paths in IP-based data network;
  • FI 123250: method for securing confidentiality of the content of a message and reply message.

Jari Holmborg