NVIDIA DGX Station was officially brought to Lithuania, it is the first such high performance computer in the Baltic States

The NVIDIA DGX Station is the next generation high performance computer (HPC) designed and intended for research teams engaged in development of AI (Artificial Intelligence) products. This powerful device was brought to the country by BAIP, the only official NVIDIA partner in the Baltic States, legally authorized to sell, install and maintain NVIDIA hardware and software in the region. 

INVL Technology will continue to strengthen the groups of businesses it owns

The equity of INVL Technology, a company that invests in IT businesses, was EUR 27.655 million at the end of the first half of this year, or EUR 2.27 per share, and decreased 1.3% from the start of the year. The value of INVL Technology’s investments in the businesses it owns was EUR 24.69 million at the end of June, up 1.9% from the start of the year.

Lithuanians to modernize the provision of financial services for Kyrgyzstan post

Lithuanian companies BAIP and ETRONIKA, managed by INVL Technology, are launching an exclusive financial services project in Kyrgyzstan. The tandem of specialized IT solution and financial technology companies will help Kyrgyz Pochtasy, a state-owned company, to digitise and accelerate the provision of basic financial services to all residents of the country.

Company owned by INVL Technology acquires Norway’s Zissor

INVL Technology, a company that invests in IT businesses, for 5.918 million Norwegian kroner (EUR 0.62 million) has acquired the Norwegian company Zissor, which provides media monitoring and digitization software development and services. The transaction was completed on 10 April this year through the company Novian, which is owned by INVL Technology. Following the transaction, Novian holds 100 percent of the shares in Zissor.

INVL Technology‘s equity grew 17.7 percent during 2018 to EUR 28 million

INVL Technology, a company that invests in IT businesses, published its audited results for 2018. They show the company’s equity at the end of 2018 was EUR 28 million, or EUR 2.3 per share, and increased 17.7 percent during the year. At the end of 2017, INVL Technology had equity of EUR 23.8 million, or EUR 1.96 per share.

INVL Technology earns 2018 net profit of EUR 4.3 million

INVL Technology, a company that invests in IT businesses, according to preliminary unaudited data, had equity of EUR 28.1 million at the end of 2018, or EUR 2.31 per share. Equity per share increased by almost 18 per cent during the year.

NRD Cyber Security is nominated as ITU Centre of Excellence

NRD Cyber Security, a cybersecurity technology consulting, incident response and applied research company, has been nominated as International Telecommunication Union(ITU) Centre of Excellence (CoE) in European region for the 2019-22 cycle.

Mindaugas Glodas appointed to lead NRD Companies

In January 2019, Mr Mindaugas Glodas will become the new managing director at Norway Registers Development AS and NRD Companies – a global information technology and consulting group of companies, controlled by INVL Technology. He will take over from Mr Rimantas Žylius who served in this position since 2014. Mr Rimantas Žylius will become a member of the Board at Norway Registers Development AS.

In 9 months businesses INVL Technology owns announced EUR 1.3 million of dividends

INVL Technology, a company that invests in IT businesses, had equity of EUR 23.915 million, or EUR 1.96 per share, at the end of the third quarter this year. Equity per share was up 0.4% from the start of the year. During the third quarter the company’s equity grew by EUR 409 000 and its net asset value per share rose by 1.74%.

BAIP will offer world-class artificial intelligence capabilities in the Baltic States

Critical IT infrastructure company BAIP has added supercomputing and artificial intelligence competencies to its portfolio. As a Preferred Partner of the NVIDIA Partner Program (NPN), BAIP is now able to offer regional business, science and state institutions in the Baltic states access to cutting-edge AI and high performance computing technology.