Legal and taxation risk factors

Risk of changes in laws and regulations

There is a risk that upon changes in legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania or the states where assets of the Company are invested or where Operational Companies, into which the Company invests, operate, such changes in legal acts can have a negative effect on the protection of the Company’s investments, the activities, profitability and value of the Operational Companies or such changes in legal acts can have a negative effect on rights and interests of the Company otherwise.

Risk related to possible liability of the Company

There is a risk that the activities of the Company and the general performance results of the Company can be negatively affected by demands and claims regarding non-disclosed or non-identified obligations and/or violations in connection with investments acquired by the Company, which may result in the Company’s liability for such obligations and/or violations and for this reason the value of the Company’s investments and, at the same time, the price of the Shares can significantly decrease.

It should be also noted that, the Company after the reorganisation – the merger of Former parent company with the Company (previous name – BAIP grupe AB), which continues its activities after the reorganisation, took over all the assets, equity and liabilities of the Former parent company. For any and all the obligations of the Former parent company after the reorganisation, the Company took responsibility.

Tax risk

Lithuanian tax legislation which was enacted or substantively enacted at the end of the reporting period may be subject to varying interpretations. Consequently, tax positions taken by management and the formal documentation supporting the tax positions may be successfully challenged by relevant authorities. Fiscal periods remain open to review by the authorities in respect of taxes for five calendar years preceding the year of review. Management is not aware of any circumstances that could lead to significant tax charges and penalties in the future that have not been provided for or disclosed in these financial statements. Uncertain tax positions of the Company and of the Portfolio Companies are reassessed by management at the end of each reporting period. Liabilities are recorded for income tax positions that are determined by management as more likely than not to result in additional taxes being levied if the positions were to be challenged by the tax authorities. The assessment is based on the interpretation of tax laws that have been enacted or substantively enacted by the end of the reporting period, and any known court or other rulings on such issues. Liabilities for penalties, interest and taxes other than on income are recognized based on management’s best estimate of the expenditure required to settle the obligations at the end of the reporting period.

There is also a risk that upon changes in economic conditions, political situation in the country or due to any other reasons, new taxes on shareholders of the Company, the Company or the Operational Companies will appear or the rates of current taxes will increase, therefore the price, liquidity and/or attractiveness of the Shares or the value of investments of the Company may decrease.